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A many things have transpired in history over the sharing, slicing and breaking of bread.

I had a conversation with a friend in 2011 — she shared that she’d tossed a piece of bread in the yard for the birds. A week later, she noticed the birds didn’t eat the mass-produced, store-bought bread. And guess what, the bread didn’t deteriorate, which means it was chocked with preservatives. My immediate inner thought was, why should I eat that bread if even a birdy won’t? Food is to be fresh with nutrients; and yes, it should spoil when not eaten in a timely manner.
That’s when I started baking. I baked every kind of bread I was confident enough to try. What did I do with five years of baking bread — I gave it all away. To anyone who might be interested in eating preservative-free bread — wheat bread, honey wheat, oatmeal, rye, zucchini, banana nut, organic, spelt, carrot, chocolate, white.
Finally in 2015 — Tennesseans and Ohioans said, we refuse to let you give us bread anymore. We will buy it from you. It’s the best bread we’ve ever tasted. I said no, they said yes; I said no, and they eventually won. And now we have, Tennessee Naturals™ Sourdough Bread.

Tennessee Naturals Bakehouse Founder,


Preservative-Free Sourdough Bread Selections

Bread Partnerships

We’re interested in perfecting our Tennessee Naturals™ baker’s team. Do you know someone in Rutherford County, TN, who’s retired, someone who has a few hours to volunteer or someone who just loves all-things Tennessee.

Tennessee Naturals™ Vision



Whether you’re 20, 40, 60 or 80, the team here at Tennessee Naturals™ Sourdough Bread encourages you to think about planning your legacy of goodwill. Be intentional in properly stewarding what’s been entrusted to you. Careful planning ensures wishes are completed with without unexpected tax liabilities.

Why is this bakehouse, Tennessee Naturals™, baking preservative-free sourdough bread and soups? To fund the vision. What’s the vision? Leaders Guest House. What is Leaders Guest House?

The most taxed people are leaders - leaders in the home, leaders in the community, leaders in business, leaders in churches, leaders in synagogues, leaders in temples, leaders in governments, leaders in healthcare, retired leaders, leaders in entertainment, leaders in the legal field, leaders in music; and even the unsung, unknown leaders.

What do we expressly know? That all leaders need to be restored and restituted on a continual basis. And this is where Leaders Guest House emerges.

Leaders Guest House will be a private hospitality venue with the sole focus of allowing leaders around the United States and the world to rest. And of more importance, is, if each leader chooses – they can confidentially receive ministry services to be restored and restituted.

May we here at Tennessee Naturals™ overtly share, hospitality is our gift. Nothing else brings us joy than extending hospitality in the most exquisite form of private hospitality is available in. There’s no way you can come into our presence and not leave better than you came.

LEADER, we the bakehouse team at Tennessee Naturals™, invite you to apologize to yourself for not resting regularly.

LEADER, we the bakehouse team at Tennessee Naturals™, invite you to make rest and restitution a minimal mandatory for your personal well being.

Let’s begin the conversation about making capital and endowment gifts.

Establishing the physical structures and quality environment enables world leaders to be restored, restituted and thrive; this requires capital. Our Capital Giving Team works with you to match your interests with the needs of Tennessee Naturals ™ Sourdough Bread/ Leaders Guest House.

The mission at Leaders Guest House is to restore and restitute leaders, beginning with rest. This includes training, research and employing the best business and kingdom resources to refill each leader that they serve with ease.

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